About us

The European Journalism Centre

Founded in 1992 in Maastricht, the Netherlands, the European Journalism Centre is an independent, non-profit, mid-career training centre aiming to promote the highest standards in journalism.

Relying on its extensive network of journalism trainers, experts and media specialists, the EJC offers short, intensive seminars for journalists across Europe and beyond. The EJC organises activities in the main European languages in an increasing number of locations across the continent.

Over the past years the EJC has developed a comprehensive series of training seminars, workshops and roundtable discussions designed to give media professionals the background information and the tools to understand the mechanisms, the impact and the challenges of the European integration process.

The EJC works closely with several European regional and national journalist associations and with professional media organisations such as the World Association of Newspapers, the International Federation of Journalists and the European Broadcasting Union.

The EJC is a member of the European Journalism Training Association, a group of 70 European journalism training institutions and of a network of 25 mid-career training centres in Western and Central Europe.

EJC Mission Statement

The European Journalism Centre (EJC) is an independent, international, non-profit institute dedicated to the highest standards in journalism, primarily through the further training of journalists and media professionals. Building on its extensive international network, the Centre operates as a facilitator and partner in a wide variety of training projects.

The main goals of the EJC are to:

The EJC plays a unique role at the European level as a partner and organiser for media companies, professional organisations, journalism schools and governmental bodies seeking to establish activities and projects.

About the Seminars

The European Journalism Centre (EJC) produces high-quality information briefings, seminars and field trips for journalists, and journalism students, focusing on a wide range of European and international affairs, and with financial support from the European Commission, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Netherlands, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Luxembourg, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW) in The Netherlands and other partners.

Our seminars provide journalists with unique access to first-hand information from high-level EU and international officials as well as from key-figures from academia and civil society.

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