Visa and travel documents

You can find information about visa requirements and other travel documents at the Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation website. There you will also find the the address for your embassy in Belgium or a Belgian embassy near you. The website also gives general information about Belgium and Belgian Foreign Policy.

Practical information

There are several websites with practical information that can be useful to have a look at before you come to Brussels. At the listed websites you will find more information about the airports in Brussels as well as the international and national trains. Other information that might be of use to you is more information about how to use transportation in Brussels such as metro and taxis.

Official website of the European Union

The official website of the EU can be helpful to visit to famillarize yourself with the EU and different policy areas. It also provides you with links to all other EU websites and different directories.

EU Institutions press information

The press sections in the websites of the EU Institutions will provide you with contact persons as well as press releases agendas, calendars and press packs online.

EU news

Other links

Here you will useful websites for covering the EU as a journalist with explanations on how to find the information and websites to visit.

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