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Focusing on the EU institutions in Luxembourg

20 October - 24 October 2014, Kiev/Tbilisi/Chisinau & Luxembourg (MFA Luxembourg)


For EU affairs, many people think of Brussels and Strasbourg, the European Commission and European Parliament.

Yet the history of European integration began neither in Brussels nor Strasbourg - it began in Luxembourg, the birthplace of Robert Schuman. Luxembourg is home to several institutions: the European Court of Justice, the European Investment Bank, the Court of Auditors and Eurostat, to name but a few.

They may not be as high profile as the EC or EP, but they play a key role in providing data and rulings on many aspects of EU life. In turn, they are quietly crucial to balanced and accurate reporting on EU affairs.

To connect these institutions with media from non-EU countries, Luxembourg's Foreign Ministry is sponsoring a one-week information briefing for journalists from Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia. Run by the European Journalism Centre, this features visits to the town of Schengen and meetings with government and institution officials provide a great overview for journalists attending the event.

For more information, please contact Elise Rochez [email protected]

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