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We have developed ejcseminars.eu as a registration tool for journalists wishing to attend high-quality information briefings about a wide range of European affairs.

This site features up-to-date news about upcoming seminars organised by the European Journalism Centre and allows you to:

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Journalists' comments

Sacha Kester - de Volkskrant - The Netherlands :

"The seminar in Brussels/Baku was very useful for me: it gives the opportunity to become more familiar with a certain subject (in my case transport and energy) and meet some of the most important players in this field. Furthermore, these players feel quite free to express themselves: sometimes on and sometimes off-the-record. This does not only leave you with more insight, but also with a network that has proven to be very useful."

Merikallio Katri - Kuvalehdet - Finland :

"It certainly helped to get better sources of information for the coming years and for my work. EU structures are often complicated and difficult to understand and what easily happens is that when you don?t know about it, you skip it and use second-hand sources. Yet the EU is such a big player - also in the aid business - that it should not be discarded."

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