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We have developed ejcseminars.eu as a registration tool for journalists wishing to attend high-quality information briefings about a wide range of European affairs.

This site features up-to-date news about upcoming seminars organised by the European Journalism Centre and allows you to:

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Journalists' comments


"Taking part in the well organised EJC-seminars was very interesting and rewarding in different ways. I was in Jordan and learned a lot about the situation in the Middle East and about the EU's role from a wider perspective. For me, the best part was being given the opportunity to spend an intense week with a group of colleagues from all over Europe. It is a smart way to gain a better understanding of how various EU-issues are perceived in different parts of Europe."

Rebecca Abecassis - S.I.C. TV - Portugal :

"Having participated in one of the EJC seminars a year ago in Brussels and Jerusalem, I can say it was extremely useful. The main interests for international news journalists in these seminars are of course the updated exclusive information we get. Accurate sources of information are available to us in a direct way. It is a privilege to be able to meet people from a huge range of professions: politicians, NGO's representatives, think thanks, diplomats, etc. In this particular case we got the whole picture in theory. In some cases it would be interesting to meet people in their own environment so that we can feel the atmosphere is not always obvious for western journalists. In my case it was good to find out that the EU is really present in Israel with proper actions. It was also very useful to meet other journalists from fifteen European countries that have already helped me produce many television programs on the European Union."

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